Radiation for Cleaning Surfaces

Product dimensions:
Length: Unlimited, width: max. 1,000mm, height: max. 1,400mm

During the production of steel components, frequent residues such as rolling skin, laser edges (oxide skin) or vitrifications and smoke residues in welding areas remain on those components on which high-quality lacquering results and lacquer adhesion properties cannot be achieved. Furthermore, steel as a raw material is not resistant to corrosion; it has a tendency to quickly flue rust and tends to corrode during extended intermediate storage, if no temporary measures for corrosion protection were taken.

To meet high-quality demands on protection against corrosion or the lacquer adhesion properties, these residues, in most cases, must be removed prior to lacquering.

For this purpose, we have a total of four units that enable the maximum flexibility required for the steel process, with a view to varying partial geometries. On two-strip radiation units the corresponding suitable components can be radiated.

In a chamber radiation unit with rotation module, structurally complex parts with back-cutting can be radiated, or parts with dimensions of more extensive widths.

The troughed radiator is able to process hardware and/or parts without suspension points.

The radiation process is performed with tempered steel, which enables optimal results both in terms of the removability of residues as well as the preservation of the original material structure and quality.