Product dimensions:
Length: max. 1,800mm, width: max. 600mm, height: max. 550mm

In addition to the core competencies around the pre-treatment before lacquering, we phosphate components on a large scale for the purposes of cold formation, subsequent machining or corrosion protection.

In a double-strand unit, varying phosphating processes with post-connectable treatment levels can be combined so that this produces an interesting variation:

  1. De-greasing
  2. De-phosphating
  3. Pickling
  4. Zinc phosphating - Thick layer and thin layer process is optional
  5. Manganese phosphating
  6. Soaping
  7. Coating with MoS2 systems
  8. Oiling
  9. Waxing
  10. Polymer coating

As a rule, component processing is performed in bulk in drums. In addition components can also be carried as basket or rack goods.