Cathode Dip-Coating

Product dimensions:
Length: Max. 5,500mm, width: max. 600mm, height: max. 1,500mm

Cathode dip-coating represents an excellent interaction of high-quality coating and economic efficiency. In the lacquering division, cathode dip-coating serves as a foundation for further lacquering structures, but, as a coating system it meets the highest requirements in corrosion resistance and lacquer adhesion properties of finished workpieces.

We offer detailed solutions for up to large size metal sheets and moulded parts made of steel, zinc-coated steel and aluminium, chassis assemblies, spring and casting elements, as well as welded assemblies.

With two autarchic cathode dip-coating units, we have maximum variability in terms of materials and component geometries to be coated. We process a wide range of components from filigree sheet metal constructions to heavy casting or forged pieces.

The cathode dip-coating can be performed according to our clients' requests and the standards in three layer thickness:

  • Standard layer:     Normal cathode dip-coating        Layer thickness 10-25μm
  • Medium layer:    Medium cathode dip-coating        Layer thickness 25-35μm
  • Thick layer:    Thick cathode dip-coating        Layer thickness >35μm*

*In the thick layer range, layer thicknesses can be achieved to up to 60 μm, however in individual cases, there is the tendency of an "orange peel effect forming;, an uneven surface structure of the cathode dip-coat.