Powder Coating

Product dimensions:
Cycle unit length    Length: max. 4,200mm, width: max. 600mm, height: max. 1,300mm
Process unit    Length: max. 2,000mm, width: max. 700mm, height: max. 2,000mm

Through two different systems, we have created the option of rather unusual detailed solutions and combined options of processing from our service portfolio.

While the cycle unit focuses exclusively on the powder coating of workpieces, we have integrated various options for pre-processing in the process unit:

1.    Cleaning and de-greasing
2.    Phosphating of steel, zinc, zinc-coated steel and aluminium
3.    Pickling passivation of aluminium and zinc materials
4.    Optional treatment variations are possible

The subsequent powder coating is affected by means of state-of-the-art, automatic powder-coating applications with manual accessibility in order to be able to lacquer complex assemblies in difficult-to-access areas.

For lacquering, we use high-quality polyester and mixed powder varnishes, which are available in all RAL and special colours. Furthermore, there is the option of multiple lacquering, which allows the application of various baking parameters.

On a surface of over 2,500m2, we offer flexible solutions for powder lacquering, taking into consideration customer requirements of keeping certain areas lacquer-free, as well as enabling the combination of rays and cathode dip-coating with subsequent powder varnish application. A frequently requested processing all-in-one package.

The unit is designed for large-scale series production and meets today's demands of the automotive industry in terms of processing results. As a rule, we also offer interesting solutions for small volumes.