Pickling Passivation

Product dimensions:
Length: max. 1,800mm, width: max. 600mm, height: max. 550mm

For many years, aluminium has been increasingly used in the automotive industry. As a sheet metal forming part or casting material, the areas of application in recent years have multiplied in various alloy variants. In view of the current CO2 debate and the advantage of reducing weight compared with steel, aluminium will continue to gain in significance.

The material-specific characteristics of aluminium often demand special surface treatment processes, without which further use would not be possible at all. In this case, the technology of pickling passivation is of special importance.

Having recognised the potential of this material, we started treating aluminium with pickling passivation according to the automotive industry standards in our range of services as early as 1999.

As a pre-treatment before lacquering, before welding or gluing, this pickling passivity has asserted itself on the market. The special requirements on cleanliness and waterproofing of the treated surfaces can be achieved with our operating process.